AutoPTT: Voice-activated Push-to-Talk

AutoPTT is a Windows application that presses and/or releases your push-to-talk key based on voice activity.

You can try it out for free! Just download, unzip and run!

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Latest release

Archive of all releases

If you run it and get an error that mentions a missing DLL, you should install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables.

There is also a changelog, in case you're curious about what's new in each release.


You can buy a license through Gumroad. It's a one-time purchase, valid forever, for all future updates.

You may try the app without a license, too, but there's a catch: it will only work for 5 minutes, after which you'll have to restart it. Hopefully this is enough for you to verify that the app works (if not, let me know) and that it's worth paying for.

Known Issues

There are some games that require a physical key press to activate the mic. The app won't work with them unless you also use the Sidekick device. Some of these games are listed below.

Note that while the Sidekick is free and open-source, you will need to buy a relatively cheap microcontroller like the AdaFruit ItsyBitsy and flash it yourself.